join the SBC?

The obvious initial answer is: For the Networking.
Yes, we admit it, the networking part of the SBC is great. But we’re MORE than networking. You should consider joining the SBC because you want to grow your network with people who care about your success, and are willing to participate, when they are able, in your success. You should consider joining the SBC because we go way beyond referrals.

This is a place to get opinions, feedback, and have your questions answered. This is a place to vent about your worst experience with a vendor so that your colleagues never have to go through the same. It is a place to brag about a new solution that you want all your closest colleagues to benefit from as well.

Why do YOU want to join the SBC?

For Strategy Building

Example: A small business owner, new to social media, is working on planning a holiday campaign. They want contests, product sales, and a charitable promotion. But before they commit to so many ideas, they register to participate at the “Preparing Your Marketing for the Holidays” topic meeting.

They use a Q & A session for their participation, getting their questions answered by counting the shows of hands. Afterward, they asked the Circle to participate in their social media contests.

The small business owner learned tips & tricks for social media, realized the time commitment might be more than anticipated, and is able to simplify their campaign. The contest will have engagement from the Circle, and they can feel more confident about the upcoming holidays.

For Decisions & Choices

It can be stressful trying to choose between a selection of choices, and business owners have to do it all the time! From picking the right wording, to the right color, to the right package, for the right cost… How many decisions, think honestly, are you making based on your best guess of what your target market wants?

The next time you’re deciding between car wrap designs, packaging options, logo styles, or even script content, get real-time target market feedback with your SBC!

SBC Meetings are an ideal platform to get positive, productive feedback on your terms. With your newly learned feedback, you are free to make informed decisions & choices based on your target market’s response and reaction. Don’t let your own bias get in the way of your product/service/company’s success when you have a test market at your disposal.

For Bringing Ideas to Life

Entrepreneurs are often creative-minded and have ideas sprouting up everywhere, all the time. There are still only 24-hours in a day and not every idea can take your time and attention, so it is important to choose wisely.

Presenting your ideas to the SBC opens up the chances for experience-based advice, giving you immediate feedback, and quite possibly local resources to support your idea’s success.

The Circle can save you time from chasing ideas in the wrong direction, help your idea realize success by offering their own resources, and provide additional confidence that you’re chasing the right ideas at the right times.